Top and Best Android Apps for Songwriters (Free/Paid*)

Best Android Apps for Songwriters

Who says you have to wait until you get into the studio to write songs? Do it on the go, on your phone. There are many people who are actually interested to learn or want to know about song writing. If you are one of them, keep reading this article.

Best Android Apps for Songwriters

Here are 5 of the Top Apps for Songwriters on Android. This article is just a comprehensive review of a few apps I feel will help some songwriters out there. So let’s started!

Top and Best Android Apps for Songwriters

Complete Ear Tuner

As a songwriter you’ve probably heard of the term perfect pitch. When someone has perfect pitch it means they are able to recognize notes by ear and it’s a great skill to have as a songwriter and you guys can teach yourself to do this through apps that are out there. The Complete Ear Tuner app for Android, which is free by the way, is a great place to start to familiarize and train your ears to recognize intervals, chords and scales by ear.

The app has a variety of modes. I’ll quickly show you easy mode just so we can get started. Each mode will take you through a series of chapters which are made up of drills – exercises to help you train your ear. What’s great about the Complete Ear Tuner app and what not a lot of other apps offer is the Theory section in each chapter. This acts as a syllabus of information you need to know to complete the chapter successfully. For example, in Chapter One the theory tab shows that you need to know information about intervals, major thirds, minor thirds and your octaves. If you’re not too confident on your music theory at this point just read through the theory tab and try out a drill anyway – it may teach you a thing or two along the way.

When you’re ready, jump into the first drill. Click on the first chapter and keep testing yourself regularly in each section. You’ll receive a score and star rating at the end of each drill which you can try and beat the next time. You’ll earn achievements as you train yourself and there’s even a leaderboard to climb up as well. It’s surprising how apps like this can actually help you a great deal – especially if you are a beginner looking to improve your pitch recognition and again it’s a great
skill to have as a songwriter. You’ll probably find that when you get started on this app it can get quite addictive, so try it out.

Songwriters Pad

Songwriters Pad is available on Android. Songwriters pad is an ideal app for storing and organising your lyrics. It allows you to structure your lyrics into sections, for example: intro, verse, chorus etc. And it also allows you to record an audio bite of your songs with a basic recorder. Personally I think the layout looks a lot better on Android for this app. The ideas tab is quite unique to Songwriters Pad as it presents various prompts you can use as inspiration if you’re not feeling motivated.

This tab will provide you with recommended words, phrases and even rhymes to get your creative mojo started. While this tab is a great angle that the app offers I wouldn’t encourage that you overuse it. Don’t rely on it too much. Ultimately you want your own raw idea for the song to come across and it needs to have your voice. Your unique voice might not have as much presence if you’re writing from prompts. This is a great feature of the app though. It also comes with an in-app dictionary and thesaurus too… which you might find handy if you can’t find the word you’re looking for.

It really is an all-in-one, handy writing tool. The alternative to this app would probably be to write your lyrics in ‘Notes’ on your phone or just on or just on a piece of paper… but this app actually encourages you to better organize your song projects and gives you a jolt of inspiration along the way with the ideas tab. It’s well worth a look for any songwriters that are always writing on the go.

J4T Multi-Track Recorder

The J4T is a nice and simple multi-track recorder for Android. Similar to ‘Four Track’ for iPhone, the J4T allows you to record four separate tracks for any ideas you have on the fly. You also have the option to apply basic effects to each track if desired and export your sound as an MP3… which can be useful… especially if you want to export your ideas into a folder elsewhere so they’re all in one place and you can work on them later. For a songwriter on the go it’s great to record any spur-of-the-moment ideas as soon as they hit you.

If you’re currently using a basic voice recorder app on your phone but really want that multi-track option, this is an ideal app to record in, especially if you want to lay over some beatboxing or melodies on a separate track on the recording you’ve already done. You’re also able to change the BPM to your choosing, pan each track left, right or centre and edit a track once you’ve recorded. Remember to use headphones if you’re recording to click track and recording over other tracks otherwise your phones mic will pick up the tracks you’ve already recorded. It also has a handy little tab for any lyrics or notes you want to make.

This is ideal especially if you want to keep all your ideas in one app but even if you choose to store them here it is always a good idea to backup your files and lyrics elsewhere. Always, always backup just in case… you can never be too careful. Overall the j40 is fairly nice and easy to use in terms of layout and it’s everything you really need for a basic multi-track recorder. If it’s something that you’ve never used before then try it out. You might find that it’s an ideal tool for logging your ideas.


Samsung’s ‘Soundcamp’ is Android’s answer to GarageBand on iOS, a recording studio for your pocket. You can choose to compose and perform with pre-loaded instruments or make the most of this app’s flexibility as it allows access to third-party music apps such as ‘Amplitube’ for plugging in your guitar and ‘Unique’ which is a third party synthesizer app. There’s plenty more apps that are compatible with Soundcamp and new apps are being added all the time. You can record, edit and mix up to eight tracks on the go with ease and store all of your sessions in one place. Pre-loaded instruments on the app include drums, piano, guitar, looper and a sampler. Just like GarageBand Soundcamp comes with a piano roll editor so you can edit MIDI with precision. Overall the design of the app itself is really finished.

It feels smooth and nice to use – especially within ‘Looper’ in which you can create your own loops using the apps built-in library or import your own loops to edit. Soundcamp is the perfect tool to use to build on your song ideas if you’re away from the studio or if you simply don’t have access to one and there’s a bunch of tutorials out there for first-time users. . Even if you are a beginner just jump in – it’s a very easy app to get your head around. By far in my opinion Soundcamp is the best and most versatile app for songwriters out there on Android.

Caustic 3

If you’re a synthesis enthusiast ‘Caustic 3’ will be right up your street. It’s very similar to ‘NanoStudio’. In Caustic 3 you create your own rack of mounted synthesizers to patch and play around with. however you choose. There’s a lot of choice – you’ve got an 8 band harmonic vocoder, super-saw type polysynth, an 8 channel drum machine and much, much more. The app also hosts the range of effects to include in your rack, including a bit crusher, compressor, delay, reverb and much more.

Caustic 3 has a demo and a full version. In the demo version you’re unable to export or import files… but you can do this in the full version. The full version is called ‘Caustic Unlock Key’ in the app store at £3.99. So download the demo first which is just called Caustic 3 in the store – find your way around the app and if it’s for you perhaps think about the full version. If you’re new to synthesis and this app looks a little overwhelming for you, don’t worry. There’s a bunch of helpful tutorials on YouTube to help you with the app if you’re

So we’ve covered a lot of bases here – we found some apps that can train your ears, store your lyrics and record multi-track sessions. I have to be honest and say that it’s very difficult to find worthwhile apps on Android and iOS that will be useful for songwriter. There’s a lot of music focused apps out there that will try and lock you into a monthly payment after a free trial and it’s just not necessary. You won’t find me recommending any of those apps here because let’s face it… ultimately the aim here is for you to song write on the go effectively… not to flush away your life savings on something that isn’t needed.

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