Ronald Reagan’s Legacy


Ronald Reagan’s first career was in Hollywood where he acted for numerous films.

After giving a televised speech for the 1964 Republican nominee, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan ran for governorship of California and defeated Democratic incumbent Edmund “Pat” Brown, Sr.

He was re-elected for governor in 1970.

Next, he ran for the Republican bid for president in 1968 & 1976, and finally received the nomination in 1980. In this year he defeated the Democratic incumbent Jimmy Carter with a landslide electoral vote of 489 to 49 and almost 51% of the popular vote.

Ronald Reagan was shot by an assassin on his way out of the Washington Hilton Hotel only a few months after his inaugural speech in 1981. The bullet had hit one of Reagan’s lungs, only inches from his heart.

In only a few weeks, he was back in office and recovered.

In office, he advocated policies of fiscal conservatism, such as cutting taxes and social programs.

He also increased military spending to deal with communist threats during the Cold War by providing aid to anti-communist movements.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan won reelection in a landslide with 49 out of the 50 states and 525 electoral votes out of 538.

His second term was mostly entrenched in the Iran-Contra deal, anti-communist forces in Central America, and his diplomatic relationship with the chairman of the Societ Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.

This relationship led to the end of Soviet domination in East Germany and East Berlin, and the end of the Berlin Wall.  

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