10 Reasons to Read a Novel


I find that there are more reasons than expected to read literature I enjoy. I have made a list of reasons in case you doubt my argument.

1. Reading gives you knowledge and insight to certain topics and will add to your intelligence. 

2. Reading can keep your brain sharp and slow memory decline. It may even lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease according to research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2001.

3. Reading may help you sleep better. Many sleep experts recommend having a time before bed to lessen stress and calm your mind. Reading fits this category very well while still having more benefits.

4. Reading may open our minds to topics we never knew about. As they say, knowledge is power!

5. Reading helps people to become better writers by paying attention to the author’s manner of telling a story.

6. Along with new knowledge, reading can increase your worldview by seeing new ideas, cultures, and new world views.

7. Reading can help to increase creativity. Exposing yourself to any sort of issue whether political, social, economic, religious, or intellectual, can help you realize and figure out ways of solving them.

8. Chances are there are many books out there that interest you and that you would deeply enjoy.

9. Since reading is educational, being hooked to a book will not be such a waste of time as watching tv or playing video games. This also means that you will not be looked at as lazy when reading for long durations. Instead you will most likely be looked at as willing to acquire intelligence.

10. Lastly, reading will increase your imagination and help you spur new ideas. This is a great quality to have.

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