Romanticism: 4 Books Produced in the Era

Romantic Era

The Era of Romanticism was characterized by: A movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual. Here are a few books that were so influential during that time.

Romantic era novel

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

A boy, Heathcliff is adopted off of the street by a man whose daughter, Catherine, he falls in love with. The situation becomes complicated as Catherine’s brother bullies and humiliates Heathcliff and Heathcliff is led to believe that his love for Catherine is not reciprocated. He later grows up to be a wealthy and successful man and enacts revenge on everything that contributed to his misery growing up.


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The story of a science student, Victor Frankenstein who is intrigued by the generation of life and seeks to replicate the process in creating a man. He is haunted by the creature he has created. This creature is overwhelmed by isolation and loneliness and turns to sinister actions to get revenge against Victor, his creator. This novel examines the dangers and repercussions of science and how ethics can escape our minds in the pursuit of accomplishments and advancement.


The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The story of a woman living in a Puritan Boston in the 17th century who is accused of being an adulterer. She is forced to wear a scarlet letter ‘A’ on her at all times as a sort of punishment for her crime. This punishment only adds on to her isolation and shame brought upon her by the judgemental society in which she lived. She tries to protect her daughter who was born from the illegitimate birth. This novel challenges traditional views and portrays a female protagonist and heroine, an uncommon situation in the time it was written (1850).


Don Juan by George Gordon Byron

The story of a man born in Spain and later exiled to Italy. He was shipwrecked and ends up in Greece as a slave and later goes to Russia, getting a favor from Empress Catherine: she sends him to England. This book is a satire, poking fun at his contemporaries and Western societies of the time, particularly England.

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