Points of View Beyond Glass Half Full/Empty Example

I guarantee that not all people fit into the stereotype of the optimist or pessimist. In the real world, people view the glass of water in different ways.

The glass is of course a symbol of life. Some view their lives and aspects within it as mostly negative. These are the grumpy, irritable, and frustrated group. Some view their lives as truly positive. These people tend to look on the bright side. What of the people who do not gravitate toward an extreme or those that hold unique philosophies on life?

The Judgemental One

“Why are wine glasses still prone to breaking in this day and age? We have the most advanced technology ever seen but cannot create shatter-proof glassware.”

The Reminiscent One

“Last time I held a glass as fancy as this, it was my wedding day. Where did the time go?”

The ‘Bro’

“This wine has no protein and neither does the water. How will I recover from my squatting session?”

The Flatterer

“This wine is amazing! What brand is it?” It’s their first time drinking wine and the wine costed $10.

The Self-Deprecator

“I wish I could afford my own wine glass set but I’m broke. Lol.”

Don’t fall into stereotypes. Be yourself and not some generic personality.

-Daniel Nakla

This post is inspired by this picture:


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