Bernie Sanders: Reasons Why I Support Him

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., waits while he is introduced during a town hall meeting at Nashua Community College in Nashua, N.H., Saturday, June 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)
Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., waits while he is introduced during a town hall meeting at Nashua Community College in Nashua, N.H., Saturday, June 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)
Here is an in-depth look into why I support Bernie Sanders as the most reasonable candidate for the Oval Office. Bernie Sanders’s strong political career and the fact that he has not deviated from his views and promises show his fit for presidency.

A Brief History of Bernie Sanders’s Political Career:

As Mayor:

During his time as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont in 1981 Sanders balanced the city budget and transformed the city into one of the most livable cities in the nation. In 1987, U.S. News ranked Bernie Sanders as one of America’s best mayors.

As a member of the House of Representatives:

  • He became the first independent to be elected to Congress and has now been noted as the longest-running Independent in Congress.
  • Sanders has always been staunchly against politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, who mainly represented the wealthiest Americans.
  • He voted against the invasion of Iraq in 2003. This invasion destabilized the region and led to ISIS and other terrorist organizations to seize power.
  • He has been against the Patriot Act, which has allowed the NSA and other government agencies to seize data without a warrant from individuals suspected of dangerous activity. This bill has violated our right to privacy, one of our most coveted rights as American citizens.
  • Sanders has also been against the cut to social programs by George W. Bush’s administration.
  • Sanders has criticized Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan since 2003 for having policies that only benefit the wealthy and the large corporations and for being “out of touch with reality”.
    • Alan Greenspan supported the outsourcing manufacturing jobs to other countries, putting millions of American workers out of a job.
    • Greenspan has also supported the lowering of the federal minimum wage, which is already set at poverty levels.
    • After Bernie Sanders was elected to the Senate, Greenspan admitted that his economic ideology was flawed after many years.
  • In 1998, Sanders voted to try to keep the Glass-Steagall Legislation to keep investment banks and commercial banks separate entities and limited the kind of risk-taking on Wall Street that led to the 2008 financial meltdown. This legislation was brought down during Bill Clinton’s administration and many are fighting to bring it back.

As a member of the Senate:

  • In 2011, the Public Policy Polling showed that Bernie Sanders became the third most popular senator in the country.
  • Sanders stood for black and hispanic rights, leading to the NAACP and NHLA giving him a high approval rating.
  • Bernie Sander became the number one most popular senator in the country by 2015 due to his 83% approval rating, according to the Morning Consult poll.
  • In 2010, Sanders delivered an 8 1/2 hour speech against the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Jobs Creation Act of 2010.
    • This Act was unfortunately passed and extended Bush-era tax rates, leading to the continued policies of inequality.
  • Bernie Sanders began receiving encouraging comments by many Americans to run for president in the 2012 election against Barack Obama but he instead decided to support Obama’s reelection.
  • On April 30, 2015, Sanders announced that he would be running for president as a Democrat. His campaign was launched on May 26, 2015 in Burlington, Vermont.
Bernie Sanders 2016

Opponents love to dismiss Senator Sanders as unfit for presidency due to his label: Democratic Socialist. Many of Sanders’s policies are overlooked by Republicans and unjustly bashed by the Clinton campaign. Here are reasons why Bernie Sanders is the number one choice for America.

Bernie Sanders ideology in line with that of FDR
Bernie Sanders on wealth and income inequality:

Sanders is in line with many of the policies of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt that criticized corporations that pay poverty wages to their employees. Sanders stands for workers’ rights and economic fairness. Bernie Sanders notes that the three largest private sector employers used to be General Motors, Ford, and AT&T, each of which gave fair, unionized wages. Now, the largest private sector employers are Walmart, Yum! Brands, and McDonald’s, each of which pay poverty wages and are anti-union.

Sanders also notes that Walmart’s low wages cause the US government to have to step in and help employees receive food stamps and basic medical care. Walmart should be able to provide its employees a living wage so that the government does not have to subsidize the workers’ starvation wages for the employees to survive.

Bernie Sanders on criminal justice reform:

    • Bernie fights against the privatization of prison systems.
      • He discusses how these private corporations do what they can to receive more incarcerated individuals to gain more profit. More resources are going into prisons than into education. He despises how so many non-violent ‘offenders’ are imprisoned for marijuana usage and have trouble finding a job afterwards due to the use of an herb that has been proven to have medicinal and psychological benefits.
    • Bernie wants to enact rehabilitation for prisoners, such as education and job training.
    • Bernie vows to fight the widespread abusive practices done by police forces by holding officers accountable for breaking the law.
    • Bernie does not want the death penalty to be part of our justice system at all. A civilized nation should not execute individuals, no matter the crime.
    • Bernie vows to enact sensible gun control to keep individuals with mental illnesses from having access to weapons.

Bernie Sanders on Healthcare

      • Many first-world countries have already proven that a single-payer health-care system can work. Bernie promises to enact a “Medicare for All” system that will take private insurance out of the cost for medical care.
        • Although taxes would increase to pay for this, the amount saved on health insurance premiums would more than make up for it.
        • Bernie cites that “Americans spend almost twice as much per capita on healthcare as any other nation”.
      • Drug costs and fraud should be closely watched, so as not to promote higher healthcare costs.
        • This is especially relevant today, when recently certain cancer drug prices have dramatically increased for no real reason other than to gain profits.
      • Mental health services should be available to all Americans as a right.
        • One in five Americans suffer from mental health issues every year. This should be dealt with immediately.


Bernie Sanders on Political and Electoral Reform:

        • Bernie Sanders believes that the US government should represent the people. He notes that there is a disturbing trend where the average citizen is getting less and less of a say in government.
          • Billionaires are able to influence more and more of the election process, effectively allowing them to buy candidates
          • Much of this roots from the disastrous Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court case that resulted in corporations to act as citizens and therefore spend millions on candidates who represent their interests.
          • Bernie acknowledges that our society is being turned into an oligarchy in which the rich and powerful control our government.
        • Bernie wants to enact the DISCLOSURE Act, which will ensure that all major campaign contributions are made disclosed to the public.
          • This will allow people to see which organizations the politicians are obligated to defend and represent.
        • Bernie wants to move towards public funding of elections, where politicians will be able to run for office on a level playing field.
          • This way, politicians will not have to beg large corporations for large sums of money to have a chance.
        • Bernie wants to eliminate Gerrymandering, or systematic voter suppression, to make it easier for everyone to vote. Democracy is one of our founding ideologies as a country and Bernie stands to defend that.
        • Bernie wants to reject the two party system to give all candidates, including independents and politicians of smaller parties, an equal chance in elections.

-Daniel Nakla, owner of Learn Things Daily

There are countless more reasons to support Bernie Sanders which have not been mentioned in this article. To contribute to his campaign, go to his website

Sources and links for further reading: Here you will find many more of Bernie Sanders’ stances and what he will achieve as president.

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