An Unbiased Look at Gun Control


This image represents a conservative viewpoint in which stricter gun control left the law-abiding citizen defenseless. The opposite viewpoint is that stricter gun control gives only the most responsible citizens access to weapons and makes for a safer society. Both viewpoints have their merits and flaws.

Pro-Gun Restriction Viewpoint:


As seen in this pro-gun restriction infographic, the ban on assault weapons decreased the crime rate while it was enacted in large cities. Proponents of this viewpoint often cite statistical data showing correlation between stricter gun laws and lower crime rates.

A large portion of gun-control supporters include people who are angry (rightfully so) over the number of school shootings and other gun attacks that have occurred over the past few years. These tragic events are bound to cause heartbreak and mourning amongst many who have had loved ones pass away during an attack.

Many of these people believe that the people fighting to maintain their rights to own guns are doing so because of silly tradition or for the hobby of hunting. Here are people protesting against the NRA, the National Rifle Association, which fights to protect gun rights.

Anti-Gun Restriction Viewpoint:

Opponents of gun-control laws often compare the restriction of guns to the war on drugs. Ever since laws prohibiting the use of certain substances have been enacted a few decades ago during the Nixon administration, the black market increased in power and size, giving various gangs and dealers wealth to an extent never seen before the 1970’s.


As seen in the first picture of this page, stricter gun laws are seen to cause problems for the law-abiding citizen and not to change much for the criminals. A common belief of these people is that criminals will always manage to obtain weapons legally or illegally, but the law-abiding citizens must deal with all laws regarding the legal use and ownership of weapons.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of controversy and concern about gun laws and how it may affect our right to defend ourselves, the occurrence of mass shootings, and most importantly our safety and how to go about ensuring it.

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  1. Lena says:

    As someone in a country where not even the police carry guns, it seems insane to me that gun control is even a question. No other country has mass shootings like the US, they absolutely need to be restricted!

    1. Freethinker says:

      I understood and respect your view, but it is not that simple unfortunately. Many other factors go into gun laws that make it very difficult to determine a reasonable course of action. I wonder, what country are you from?

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