5 Bad Habits That Keep You From Your Goals

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Here is a list of five habits that could be stopping you from reaching your full potential:

1. Procrastination.procrastination3

Imagine how much less stress you would have if you were 100% efficient at every task given to you. It is impractical to be completely efficient all the time, however, which leads to my suggestion: Break down large tasks into smaller ones and divide them over time.

2. Watching TV for Extended Hourstv-pilot

TV shows are produced to entertain which is great. Let us not forget the damage done to the brain when watching TV for long periods of time and that there are very few benefits coming from this habit. It is also a time waster when you can be benefitting your brain with something better instead. Make sure to limit your screen time and replace some of it with something more beneficial like reading or exercising.

3. Constant Snacking, Even When Not Hungry


Not only are you disrupting your regular eating patterns, but a lot of snack food is far too unhealthy to be eaten often. Make sure to eat big, healthy meals so as not to need constant smacking throughout the day and to avoid overdoing snack-food.
Speaking of eating…

4. Eating Very Fast


If you eat at too quick of a rate, your body is not given sufficient time to send signals of being full to your brain. This leads to over eating which causes many other issues when done repeatedly. Remember to chew your food slowly and carefully to give your body the chance to digest easier.

5. Negative Thinking


This is no doubt one of the worst habits to have. Your brain is more capable of slowing you down or keeping you from your goals than any other person or thing. Refrain from negative thoughts and replace them with more positive alternatives.

Remember, do not try to change too many things at once or it won’t last. Try gradual change to improve on various tasks. This way is more long-lasting.

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