The Unfortunate Truth About Health Industries


Here in America, the pharmaceutical companies claim to help patients’ conditions, food companies claim to provide┬áhealthy food to individuals, and nutritionists use out-of-date information to give to needy patients.

1. Pharmaceutical Companies


Companies like Pfizer and AstraZeneca are very powerful. They have the resources to influence the food industry to implement foods more likely to cause medical conditions that these pharmaceuticals claim to treat. The more patients suffering from a cardiovascular illness, for example, means more people taking medications for these illnesses, resulting in more money for these companies.

2. Food companies


Innumerable amounts of foods contain deceptive marketing leading people to believe that certain products are healthier than they really are. The reality is that processed food should not be trusted, no matter what the label leads you to believe. Some of the chemicals used in these foods are not very safe for human consumption, let alone healthy.

3. Nutritionists



Nutritionists often use the incorrect and out-dated “food pyramid” guide as advice for patients. Especially when one suffers from illnesses derived from obesity, the last thing a physician should recommend is grains, bread, pasta, and other forms of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates drive up insulin levels which in turn drive up fat storage and is counter-productive in weight loss.

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