5 Flaws of the American Education System

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The United States Education system places 17th in the world. American education and health care are the only things that rank so low. So why is our education so subpar compared to countries like South Korea and Finland?

1. The teachers’ union does not want evolvement or improvement. The teachers’ jobs are too secure, threatening the ambition and motivation to be better educators. In universities, professors are employees of the institution and are subject to getting fired for a number of reasons, such as a failure to meet educational standards.

2. The requirements to get through a K-12 education and graduate high school is very low. There are many students who do the bare minimum and have low math and reading/writing skills. There needs to be an incentive to work hard in school such as raising the graduation requirements. We need to make sure that the vast majority of citizens are well educated in the basic subjects at least.

3. Budget cuts in education should not have been passed. Education is one of the most important aspects of a country and leads to innovators and the future of this country relies on the youth.

4. Many school administrators only care about keeping their students in a desk and to have many students as possible in classes to get a bigger check from the government. The more often students are at school, the more money is received by those in authority at the school.

5. Public school students are stuck with the high school closest to their residence. Students and parents should be able to pick to go to the public school that has the highest rank in their area. We need competition among the schools to have the best programs and have the best teachers. If this competition is placed in the education system, each school will strive to be better and the teachers who only want job security and do not care much in making a difference in the students’ lives will be without a job.


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